West Hill Golden Hawks
Scarborough's oldest and longest running House League and Competitive Hockey Program ... Since 1954
Referees and Time Keepers
For any issues please call:

Rob Brown 416. 624.1312
Game Lengths
Novice 6 & Novice 7
3 x 15 minute periods running time with a 3 minute rotation buzzer.

Note: the Novice 6 age group does not have off sides or icings called until after the Christmas break.

Novice 8 & Atom

3 x 10 minute periods, stop time with a 2 minute rotation buzzer.

3 x 10 minute periods, stop time - no buzzer.

Bantam, Midget & Juvenile
1st & 2nd period - 10 minutes, 3rd period - 12 minutes, stop time, no buzzer.
Referee Notes

Be sure to check the game sheet for the age you are officiating before each game and to sign the game sheet at the end of each game.

The Novice 6 age group does not have off-sides and icings called until after the Christmas break.

Time Keeper Notes
Clock Instructions

Turning the clock on:

To turn the clock on use the switch that is along the base of the timekeeping box.

When clock first turns on you will have to enter the model number that can be found at the top of the machine.

To set the time, press "set", then press "time", enter 10 or 15 minutes (or 12 for 3rd period bantam - juvenile).

To enter the score press "set", then home score or visitor score, then 0, 1, 2, etc. OR press home or visitor score then 1, (this will just add to the total).

To set the buzzer press "set", "clock modes", then press "yes" when asked do you want interval time, and enter 2 or 3 (minutes) or 0 for games with no buzzer.

Game Sheets

Please make sure that each team's game sheet is filled out in full.

Tips to ensure Game Sheets are both complete and correct:

* Goals - Please make sure that you are writing the goals on the proper team's game sheet. 

* Rotation - Please make sure that you are following the rotation properly and that only the players who are on the ice are supposed to be on the ice.

* Game sheets - Please make sure that the game sheets are filled out at the top with the teams playing, time, date, division, etc., are complete. If not return to the Coach to fill in.

* Write Clearly - Please make sure that you write clearly so that the game sheets can be read easily by the league and the statisticians.