West Hill Golden Hawks
Scarborough's oldest and longest running House League and Competitive Hockey Program ... Since 1954
West Hill Minor Hockey Association is the only league or association to offer three complete programs to foster Hockey Player development:

House League: For all players we have a non-contact House League Hockey for boys and girls from Novice 6 (ages 5 and 6) to Juvenile (up to 21).

Select: For players who want to play at a more demanding level, West Hill Minor Hockey offers Select (inter-league) hockey for house league at all age levels. West Hill Minor Hockey Association is the only House League in Scarborough to provide this opportunity. Participation in the Select program is subject to try-outs.

GTHL: For players who want to play at the competitive level, West Hill Minor Hockey offers "A" hockey within the GTHL. West Hill Minor Hockey Association is the only league/association with teams at the "A" level in Scarborough directly affiliated with the GTHL playing in their competitive loop.

On-line Registration:

West Hill Minor Hockey Association in partnership with Hockey Canada and the GTHL has launched our on-line registration system. This new system will allow you from the comfort of where ever you are to register for the upcoming season.

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House League
What skating skills are expected?

Every year about one third of our Novice players are very new to skating. Some have never skated before or have forgotten over the summer, and others are really good skaters but have never held a hockey stick. Within the first month all are skating without assistance.

Should players be taking additional skating instruction? If so, Where?

There are countless skating lessons in Toronto. At this level the most important ingredient is ice time. The city of Toronto has a great selection of times and locations at very reasonable prices. The other suggestions are to attend public skating, and to visit any of the outdoor rinks in Toronto through out the winter.

West Hill Minor hockey includes free with every registration a skating school to add to the players ice time opportunities during the season. More information on the skating school can found here.

How are the players allocated into teams?

The goal of the House League program is fun. Players ability are estimated during an evaluation skate in the younger divisions; the next step is to create teams that are as close as possible in skill and capability. The end result being on any given Saturday any team can win their game.

Why should I go to West Hill Minor Hockey Association House League program rather than another program?

From our experience there are many reasons parents put their child in hockey, we believe the two most important factors are to have FUN and to learn new SKILLS. With our experienced coaches we provide a program that offers these two important aspects. In addition we have longer sessions than other programs at 55 minutes, during prime-time at top quality local arenas. Our season extends from the beginning of October through to the end of March. We end our season with a great season celebration banquet and awards ceremony.

Our approach: players should have a great experience and want to continue to play. Success is measured not by win loss records, but how many players return the following season to play again. Over the past ten years, each and every year West Hill Minor Hockey Association has grown.

The West Hill Minor Hockey Association provides non-contact house league ice hockey for children 5 to 21. We provide one game and one practice a week.


Games are typically played on Saturday and 55 minutes in length; older kids play later. Games are full ice at all ages.


Practices are usually 55 minutes long.

Is contact permitted in house league?

Non-contact hockey means that body-checking is not permitted. There will be incidental contact, just as there is in soccer or basketball, but the elimination of body-checking reduces contact considerably.

What about uniforms?

Included in your fee is the cost of a jersey and socks. For other equipment, click here.

Can girls play?

We welcome girls. Girls have played in our league at levels from Novice to Juvenile.

Can I coach my child’s team?

We welcome and rely on parent coaches and volunteers. After appropriate training, you can coach or assist in coaching your own child’s team. We will point you towards helpful courses.

Who determines ice time?

All players have equal ice time. A player may be benched for disciplinary reasons, including missing practices without excuse or undisciplined play.

Why do we have to go to practice?

The practice time provided is one of the advantages of West Hill Minor Hockey Association house league. About 75-80% of your fees pay for ice time. Practices give your child the opportunity to socialize with the other players on his team, handle the puck and basically be on the ice three or four times longer than in a game. This is where skills are learned. If you child does not attend practices he will not progress as quickly and will not make friends as easily. He will not have as much fun.

Additional information can be found on our FAQ

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Select Hockey
Select allows more skilled players to play more demanding hockey

The West Hill Minor Hockey Association provide Select (interleague) hockey for house league at all levels where numbers justify a select team. Select Hockey is run by the North York Hockey League www.nyhl.on.ca.

What is Select hockey?

Players who wish to play at a more demanding level can try out for a select team. The select team is composed of the stronger players at each age level. They play similar teams from other organizations. Select teams have one game and one practice a week, so select players have a total of two games and two practices a week (one house league and one select).


Select games are on days that do not conflict with House League games and practices.


Practices are usually 55 minutes. There is a dedicated practice for each team. Select practices are usually Tuesday and are scheduled so as not to conflict with House League.

Is contact permitted in select?

Yes, at the higher age levels in accordance with GTHL rules.

What about uniforms?

Included in your fee is the cost of two jerseys (home and away) and socks.

Can girls play?


Can we enter tournaments?

You can enter as many as three (3) tournaments a year plus tournaments at Christmas and Easter if the team wishes. Some of our teams travel to Montreal or Lake Placid for one tournament a year.

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GTHL - Competitive "A"
Competitive "A" provides access to more competitive hockey for top players

West Hill Minor Hockey Association through its direct affiliation with the GTHL provides access to competitive "A" level hockey. On average there will be two games per week, with longer and greater frequency of practices.

Have questions about participation in the GTHL please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page.

Interested in joining or still have questions - contact us.