West Hill Golden Hawks
Scarborough's oldest and longest running House League and Competitive Hockey Program ... Since 1954
Skating into the Future

An Open Letter to our Members

West Hill Minor Hockey Association has always been and will always continue to be about you, the players and families who are the foundation and core of our organization. It is the strength of our community that has allowed West Hill Minor Hockey to be successful for over 55 years, supported by the countless hours contributed by volunteers as well as the time that you the parents contribute bringing your sons or daughters to practice and cheering them on in games each week. 

West Hill Minor Hockey Association is a forward looking organization. As Justice J. MacDonnell noted when he ruled in favor of West Hill; There is an obvious public interest in fostering the kind of volunteerism represented by such associations. The ability to come  together in freely formed associations  is not only recognized as an important aspect of Canadian society, it is constitutionally protected under s. 2(d) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Put simply, voluntary associations have value that transcends the individual interests of their members. The future for West Hill is the 2009-2010 season and beyond as members of the GTHL. It will be exciting and that is where our energy is focused; looking forward and working towards the most enjoyable season this year, the next year and the years to come.

During the course of our journey forward there will be those along the way looking for West Hill to stumble or even fail. There will be those who will try and create fear, uncertainty and doubt.  It has been and will continue to be the position of West Hill Minor Hockey Association to not engage in this, this cannot be nor will it be our focus. The past is exactly that, in the past, something to learn from and move forward from but not to continually dwell upon. The goal of West Hill Minor Hockey is to take our energy and direct it only towards encouraging the passion and love of the game of hockey in our community, within Scarborough, in Toronto to those that we meet where ever our travels take us and growing the sport that we all love.

The future is where we are looking and working towards, the journey will be exciting and we will have fun along the way. The goal of West Hill Minor Hockey Association is to provide the best possible hockey experience for our players and parents as we participate in the greatest single amateur hockey league in the world, the GTHL. That is where all of our focus and attention is and will remain. 

If you have question we encourage you to ask, we will be open and honest as we always have been and will continue to be.

Your Executive Team