West Hill Golden Hawks
Scarborough's oldest and longest running House League and Competitive Hockey Program ... Since 1954
WHMHA Guide For Parents
A Parent's Guide To Ice Hockey
The basics of the game covering skills required, the rules and everything else you wanted to know about hockey in under five minutes.

What Equipment is Required
Here is a complete list of equipment required by all players.

Hockey Parents Make the Difference
An article to assist parents in becoming more familiar with the sport of ice hockey and its organization and structure at the grassroots level.

Hockey Parents Make the Difference - the video
Recognizing that aggressive adult behavior is on the rise at young sporting events, USA Hockey and Hockey Canada have partnered to launch a series of public service announcements targeting parental behavior. Lampooning the overzealous, the public service announcements are clever, witty and designed to encourage parents to think to themselves, Relax, Its Just A Game

The following video is from that series. The hockey scenes and people portrayed in this video are fictional. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Sit back, relax and enjoy - Hockey Parents Video

Shared Respect
Hockey Canada's "Shared Respect Initiative" asks you to consider your role in showing "Respect" for the game, and for the people who make this the great game it is. How much do you RESPECT the game of hockey and all its participants?

Sideline Suggestions (10 Things Kids Say They Don't Want Their Parents to Do)
Have you ever wondered what your kids think of what you say and do before, during and after a game. A must read.

A Coach’s Letter to Parents
Some great insight into any level of competitive sport that we can all take something away from. It includes important items to consider such as:
Courage isn’t the absence of fear. Courage is learning to perform in spite of fear.
Winning is an important goal. Winning at all costs is stupidity.