West Hill Golden Hawks
Scarborough's oldest and longest running House League and Competitive Hockey Program ... Since 1954
Hockey Equipment
Here is a complete list of equipment required by all players. Equipment is to be worn at both practices and games. Equipment need not be new, but whatever your child wears ought to be in good condition and fit properly. It is especially important that skates be the right size and sharpened regularly during the season. The frequency of sharpening is different for different players but typically after 5-7 hours of ice time, you are advised to check their skates.

- CSA-approved helmet with wire face guard or full plastic face shield, not a visor Note: Original earpiece must be intact and no additional decals or stickers may be affixed

- Mouth guard - (highly recommended but not mandatory)

- BNQ-approved throat protector (bib-style recommended) For goalies, a rigid plastic throat protector attached to the helmet

- Shoulder pads

- Hockey pants

- Elbow pads

- Hockey jersey and socks for practices

- Wrist guards (recommended but not mandatory)

- Hockey gloves

- Hockey shorts with integrated protective cup or jill

- Shin pads

- Under all this, long underwear or whatever the player is comfortable wearing

- Properly sized skates

- Stick of appropriate length. A good gauge is to have the player stand up in his/her skates, holding the stick upright. The end of the shaft should come to nose level. First-time players may like to try a straight blade until the find out whether they want to shoot right or left.

- Fabric tape for the stick. A taped knob on the end of the shaft keeps the hand from slipping off. The butt end of the stick should have enough tape on it that it won't go through the openings of the cage.

- A screwdriver and extra helmet screws are handy

- A hockey bag to put all this stuff in.